Tyson Williams

Meet your engineer

the bad jackalope


Much like the studio's elusive namesake, Tyson was drawn to the southwest to escape the trappings of his former life - a top secret, experimental aircraft pilot with over 215 possibly confirmed kills of UFOs or whatever. Despite the desperate pleadings of Lockheed, Raytheon, Coheed and Cambria, Tyson felt drawn to the land of mythical creatures and left a career of extraterrestrial dogfighting. In 2020, he packed up his drums, his dreams, some unexpired condiments from the fridge, and headed out west in his '94 Toyota Camry for a life of solitude, sasquatches, and chupacabras.

Jay Z once referred to him as "...the best music businessman in central southeastern La Plata County". Chris Lord-Alge regularly solicits mixing advice from Tyson and is rumored to have a jackalope tattoo in an undisclosed location. Taylor Swift has never written a break-up song about Tyson, despite ending their relationship years ago. And Michael Jackson's Thriller was supposedly inspired by Tyson's autobiography written in 1985, the year he was born.

Along the way, Tyson accidentally invented the world's best microphone, the J87, and donated all of the proceeds to the habitat restoration and conservation fund for Loch Ness. He eventually sold enough plasma to buy a recording interface and a house, where Bad Jackalope Studios would be born and rule for a 1,000 years. So as not to violate the terms of his intergalactic witness protection program, Tyson has "ghost" recorded, mixed, and mastered over 1.2 billion records that have achieved platinum, gold, and aluminum status.

All hail the jackalope